Nuon Introduces Free Esports Training on Esports Academy ID Platform for IndiHome Gamer Subscribers

Digital Games / 09 Jan 2024

Jakarta, January 4, 2023 - Nuon Digital Indonesia (Nuon) demonstrates its commitment to developing the potential of the country's esports scene. Nuon is offering free training for IndiHome customers who have upgraded their packages to become IndiHome Gamers. IndiHome Gamer has partnered with Esports Academy ID to provide training materials from trainers who are esports professionals. This benefit can be accessed through the IndiHome Gamer website, where customers can choose training based on their interests from various popular game titles such as Mobile Legends, Free Fire, Valorant, Call Of Duty Mobile, and several other flagship titles.

The launch of these complimentary benefits in the IndiHome Gamer package aligns with Nuon's determination to advance the domestic esports ecosystem. Nuon strives to provide opportunities for talented young players to grow and compete on the international stage. Esports Academy ID was chosen as the training platform due to its proven track record in honing the skills and talents of esports players, with a mission to produce a talented younger generation. Beyond learning game tactics, training is also provided for gamers to become content creators and casters. With renowned esports figures such as Kage, Miaw Aug, and Mirko, gamers joining IndiHome Gamer not only benefit from the technical aspects of the game but also gain advantages from a comprehensive training and self-development environment.

IndiHome Gamer is a package designed for gamers with fast internet capabilities, offering various benefits that can be accessed on the website Together with IndiHome Gamer and Esports Academy ID, Nuon is confident in creating a positive esports ecosystem in the country. This collaboration is expected to provide a new opportunity for talented gamers to achieve success in this high-potential industry. In the future, Nuon will continue to play an active role in shaping the future of the esports industry in Indonesia.


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