Nuon Digital Indonesia Receives Appreciation for Ramadan IdulFitri (RAFI) Program From Telkom Indonesia

Digital Games / 08 May 2023

Jakarta- Momentum of Ramadan and IdulFitri 1444 H, Nuon Digital Indonesia again held various promo programs for digital entertainment product services as part of the Telkom Group Siaga RAFI (Ramadan IdulFitri) 2023 program. This program is followed by the entire scope of the Digital Business Directorate in the Telkom Group. Nuon contributes through digital games and music promo programs held from March 22 to April 22, 2023 during the holy month of Ramadan.

In the Telkom Group RAFI Post event held at the Telkom Indonesia office in South Jakarta on Thursday (4/5), Nuon Digital Indonesia's Board of Directors, Aris Sudewo as CEO and Chandra Tamrin as COO received three appreciations from Telkom Indonesia for the contribution of games services through UPoint.ID in the RAFI program, namely as 'Best Traffic', 'Best Revenue Contributor', and 'Best of the Best'. Last year Nuon only received one best revenue appreciation, in 2023 there are two more categories achieved best traffic and best of the best. Hopefully in the coming year Nuon Digital Indonesia can always contribute the best and always improve its product services.

In the Telkom Group Siaga RAFI program in 2023, UPoint.ID carries a Ramadan campaign with the theme BERKAH "Beneran Kasih Murah", starting with providing bonus items to providing discounts on purchases through payment fintech or telco channels. Congratulations to Nuon Digital Indonesia's Games Business unit team!

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